Classic Reissue My Little Pony Toys

Classic Reissue My Little Pony ToysIn 2018, Hasbro and Basic Fun produced a line of My Little Pony toys to celebrate My Little Pony's 35th Anniversary. The Original 1983 Collection included classic reproductions of the original 1983 ponies: Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, and Snuzzle.

Like the original G1 ponies, the 35th Anniversary ponies came with a comb and hair ribbon. They also included a poster featuring classic My Little Pony artwork. The designs on their boxes had the classic My Little Pony logo and artwork and had a "35th Anniversary" emblem on the front.

A 35th Anniversary version of the Pretty Parlor soon followed, as well as a second line of ponies called the Rainbow Collection. These ponies were scented and included Moonstone, Parasol, Skydancer, Starshine, Sunlight, and Windy. The Rainbow Collection ponies came with a hair ribbon, comb or brush, and puffy sticker.

More ponies were added to the Rainbow Collection when the second set of Rainbow Ponies was reissued. This line included Confetti, Flutterbye, Pinwheel, Starflower, Tickle, and Trickles. The boxes in this line do not have the "35th Anniversary" emblem.

The Unicorn & Pegasus Collection line includes reissues of Firefly, Glory, Gusty, Heart Throb, Medley, Moondancer, Sunbeam, Surprise, Sparkler and Twilight.

The Earth Ponies line includes reissues of Applejack, Bow Tie, Bubbles, and Seashell.

Some of the classic reissue ponies have hair and body colors that are slightly darker than the original releases, but not as dark as the 25th Anniversary versions released in 2008. They also have concave feet like the Year 2 ponies rather than the flat feet of the Year 1 line.

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