Glory My Little Pony

Glory is a white unicorn that was first released in Year 2 of the My Little Pony line. She has blue eyes and purple hair with a streak of blue in her mane. Her symbol is a glittery silver star with two purple shooting star tails. She originally came with a pink hair ribbon and a pink shooting star brush.

An identical version of Glory was released in Year 3, but with different accessories: a pink ribbon, a blue crescent moon comb, and a puffy sticker.

Baby Glory was also released in Year 3. Her symbol was a purple shooting star with only one star tail and her hair colors were pastel blue and purple. Her accessories included a pink playpen, a pink hair ribbon, a dark pink teddy bear brush, a white bottle with a blue collar, a pastel stacking toy, a white star blanket with a purple border, a pink block necklace with white letters, a white diaper in a diaper box, and a puffy sticker.

Plush versions of Glory were also made.

A different version of Baby Glory was released through a special mail order offer in the Baby Pearlized Ponies line. These baby ponies looked just like the originals except that they had a shimmery, pearlized finish over their whole bodies, including their eyes.

In 2018, a Classic Reissue version of Glory was released in celebration of the 35th Anniversary of My Little Pony. She's a replica of the original version and her accessories include a pink hair ribbon, a pink shooting star brush, and a poster in the classic design.

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