Avon Little Blossom

Avon Little Blossom and FriendsThe Little Blossom line by Avon was introduced in 1982 and included fragrances, figurines, cloth dolls, and beauty products featuring Little Blossom and Friends.

Little Blossom and her friends, Daisy Dreamer and Scamper Lily, had flower-themed dresses and hats. Each character had her own unique personality and talents.

The Little Blossom beauty products were designed with young girls in mind. Fragrances were soft and delicate, makeup items had bright, vivid colors in the package but were only barely visible once applied, and the nail polish was clear with a light tint. The line was unique - it allowed young girls to experiment with beauty products without pushing them to grow up too fast. Girls loved Little Blossom and mothers approved.

While most of the scented products no longer have their scent 30+ years later, products from Avon's Little Blossom line are still highly sought after. Many online petitions have been started in the hopes of convincing Avon to bring back this charming line for today's girls to enjoy.

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