Peach Blush & Melonie Belle

Peach Blush and Melonie BellePeach Blush is a friend of Strawberry Shortcake and was first introduced in the Party Pleaser doll line. There was never a regular version made of Peach Blush. She was featured again in the Berrykin line.

Peach Blush has curly peach hair and green eyes. Her Party Pleaser outfit includes a yellow hat with peach flowers, a peach and white dress with a yellow bow, green and white striped tights, and peach shoes. Her pet is Melonie Belle, a sweet little lamb wearing a blue party hat and holding a present.

Peach Blush and Melonie Belle also appeared in the Strawberryland Miniatures and Deluxe Strawberryland Miniatures lines. These miniatures are some of the most rare and highly sought-after pieces for collectors.

Melonie Belle also appeared in the Soft Animal Friends line. 

In 2017, a Classic Reissue version of Peach Blush was produced. Like the original, it was only produced for a short time before the line was discontinued, so it's very hard to find.


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