Rose Petal Place

Rose Petal Place dolls by Kenner toysRose Petal Place were made in 1984 by Kenner, the same company that made Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and were scented like flowers. The dolls in the line include Rose Petal, Daffodil, Iris, Orchid, Sunny Sunflower, and Lily Fair. There was also a villain named Nastina and pets like Tumbles the Hedgehog and Pitterpat the cat.

Each doll had a teardrop-shaped rhinestone on her hat, as explained in the Rose Petal Place story:
"Long ago on a day in May, a young girl had to go away,
and leave her lovely garden fair, with no one to tend it, no one to care.
So the child cried, and her teardrops fell, it was as though they cast a spell.
For they touched the petals of a rose, and magically, so the story goes,
the rose and others came alive. Now it's here they live and here they thrive.
In Rose Petal Place there's a garden of love to share."

The Rose Petal Place Fashions line included flower-themed outfits the dolls could wear. A line of Rose Petal Place jewelry was available by sending in "petal" points from the back of specially-marked packages.

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