Lem and Ada & Sugar Woofer

Lem and Ada with Sugar Woofer Strawberry Shortcake dollsLem and Ada are friends of Strawberry Shortcake and are twins that were released in the International Friends line. They come from the country of Piccadilly Square. Both have yellow hair and blue eyes. As baby characters, they're smaller than the other dolls.

Lem is a boy and wears a green and yellow hat. Besides Huckleberry Pie and the Purple Pie Man, Lem is the only other boy Strawberry Shortcake character. His shirt has orange polka dots on it and a bib with a lemon on it. His diaper has yellow checks. 

Ada is a girl and wears a green and yellow hair bow and has two curls on top of her head. Her shirt has yellow checks and a bib with a lime on it. Her diaper has orange polka dots.

Their pet dog, Sugar Woofer, is white and fluffy.

Lem and Ada only appeared in the International Friends line and with Sugar Woofer as a hard-to-find Strawberryland Miniatures figurine.

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