Lady LovelyLocks

Lady LovelyLocks dollThe Lady LovelyLocks doll line was made in 1986 by Mattel and was based on a character created by American Greetings. The princess dolls with colorful hair quickly became popular and were also featured in a short-lived animated television series.

A brochure included with each doll tells the story of The Kingdom of LovelyLocks:

"Far, far away, in a great and wonderful kingdom, lives a beautiful princess named Lady LovelyLocks. She has magic hair colors, a sign of royalty and special power. Lady LovelyLocks is loved by everyone, especially the Pixietails. Pixietails are magical pets from the forest with long silky tails.

Lady LovelyLocks lives with her dear friends Maiden FairHair and Maiden CurlyCrown in Castle LovelyLocks. Together with the Pixietails, they bring beauty and goodness to the kingdom using Pixietail magic. It's this magic that helps Lady LovelyLocks and the Maidens outsmart the jealous Duchess RavenWaves and protect the kingdom!

Come discover an entire kingdom filled with beauty, and learn the secret of Pixietail magic!"

Each doll's outfit had glittery, flower-shaped PixiePetals where Pixietails hair extension clips could be attached. The dolls had poseable arms and legs with bendable knees, and their necks were ball-jointed so they could tilt their heads.

Mattel later used the Lady LovelyLocks face mold on taller bodies for dolls in its Peppermint Rose line.

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