Original 1983 Collection

Original 1983 Collection My Little PonyThe Original 1983 Collection is a series of Classic Reissue My Little Pony toys made in 2018 to celebrate My Little Pony's 35th Anniversary. The line featured authentic reproductions of the Earth Ponies from Year 1 of the original My Little Pony line. 

Each pony came with a hair ribbon and comb just like the originals. Their boxes featured the classic My Little Pony logo and artwork and showed what other ponies are available. They also came with a fold-out poster featuring classic artwork.

The ponies in the Original 1983 Collection include Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, and Snuzzle. Their hair and body colors are slightly darker than the original G1 versions. They also have concave feet like the Year 2 ponies rather than the flat feet of the Year 1 line.

The back of the box says: My Little Pony is a pretty pony with long, shiny hair. She likes you to comb her hair so it stays silky and soft. You can braid her hair and tie it in a ribbon too!

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