Cherry Merry Muffin

Cherry Merry Muffin dollsCherry Merry Muffin dolls were first released by Mattel in 1988. Like the Strawberry Shortcake doll line made by Kenner, Cherry Merry Muffin and her friends were scented and had food-themed names and accessories.

The first line of dolls released in 1988 included Betty Berry, Cherry Merry Muffin, Chocolottie, Banancy, and Apple Amy. Each doll came with a comb, a Flavor Friend cooking accessory, and a muffin pan with removable muffins.

A second series of Cherry Merry Muffin dolls was released in 1989. The dolls in the second series had cake-themed hats and slightly different dresses. Only Cherry Merry Muffin and Chocolottie returned in 1989, with new friends Bubblegum Becky, Greta Grape, Lily Vanilly, and Penny Peppermint. The dolls in this line didn't come with Flavor Friends but otherwise had the same types of accessories as the first line.

The third and final series of Cherry Merry Muffin dolls was released in 1990. The dolls in this line wore sparkly outfits and a brown-skinned version of Cherry Merry Muffin was added. The line also included new friends Cookies & Cream, Grape Ice, and Peach Perfection. The accessories in the third series included fancy ice cream dishes, an ice cream spoon, sprinkles, and a comb.

Fashions, playsets, miniature figurines, and other merchandise was also available from the Cherry Merry Muffin line.

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