Pretty Parlor

My Little Pony Pretty Parlor

The My Little Pony Pretty Parlor playset was released in 1983. It was the first playset in the My Little Pony line and came with lots of fun accessories to make the ponies pretty.

The Pretty Parlor included a playset pony named Peachy and a cat named Twinkles. Peachy is a peach Earth pony with pink hair, blue eyes, and pink hearts for her symbol.

The Pretty Parlor's blue stable doors open up on either side with a platform in the middle where ponies can stand. The set came with cardboard name tags for Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Lemon Drop, Minty, Peachy, and Snuzzle. The name tags slide into a slot on the front of the platform. The stable doors close into a convenient carry case with heart-shaped handles at the top and room for all of the accessories and one pony to be stored inside.

The accessories included with the playset were two hair ribbons, a purple saddle, a pink saddle blanket, a pink basket with a purple strap for carrying Twinkles, a pink heart-shaped brush, a pink comb, a purple bridle with detachable reins, and two hats - a yellow straw-type hat and a white hat with a longer brim and pink flowers. There were also variations where the hat colors were reversed.

The Pretty Parlor was also available through a mail order offer, but the mail order version did not include Peachy.

In 2018, a 35th Anniversary Pretty Parlor was released to celebrate My Little Pony's 35th Anniversary. This Classic Reissue version was very similar to the original, with a few minor changes. For comparisons between the anniversary version and the original, see our 35th Anniversary My Little Pony Pretty Parlor toy review.

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