G3 Ponies

G3 My Little Pony

G3 Ponies are the Third Generation of My Little Pony toys. Production of the G3 line began in 2003. Instead of the slim shape of the G2 ponies, which had never really gained much popularity, the third generation saw a return to the classic shape of G1 ponies but with a modern twist.

G3 markings are known as "cutie marks" instead of symbols. The ponies also have a magnet on the bottom of one hoof that activates certain features on playsets. The G3 line consisted almost entirely of Earth ponies, with only a few pegasus ponies and even fewer unicorns. There were also a few baby ponies.

In 2009, the appearance of the ponies began to change. This created a "half generation" known to collectors as G3.5. The G3.5 ponies had some similarities to the G3 line as they transitioned to a completely new G4 Fourth Generation. Although the G3 line officially ended at this time, some G3-style ponies were produced in 2010 and 2011 for My Little Pony Fair and Comic-Con. There was also an unreleased G3 breast cancer awareness pony.

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