Herself The Elf

Herself the ElfHerself the Elf originally started out as a drawing on greetings cards in 1982. Like Strawberry Shortcake, the Care Bears, and other toy lines inspired by greeting card illustrations, the elves soon appeared as dolls, toys, and in an animated TV special.

Herself and her friends, Meadow Morn, Woodpink, Snowdrop, and Willow Song, each came with a hair accessory, pixie comb, wand, and a piece of jewelry.

Here’s Herself the Elf’s story, as told in the advertising booklet that came with each doll:

“Herself the Elf lives in a magical land tucked in a forest where tall trees stand. It’s where birds and bees live happy as can be, with all kinds of animals great and small…’cause Herself the Elf takes care of them all. Now that’s a very big job for a little elf, but not for an elf as clever as Herself. Herself and friends use magic wants to keep things right, so nature keeps humming day and night.”

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