Hugga Bunch

Hugga Bunch

The Hugga Bunch line originally started as greeting card characters by Hallmark before branching out into a toy line by Kenner in 1985. The line included plush dolls that came with smaller baby dolls called Hugglets. The Hugga Bunch characters also appeared in their own TV movie called The Hugga Bunch.

The Hugga Bunch dolls had plush bodies, poseable arms and legs, and brushable hair. Both boy and girl dolls were available, and they all wore colorful outfits made of shimmery, metallic fabrics.

The Hugglets were babies that had just a tuft of hair on top of their heads. Instead of clothes, they wore diapers made of lamé. Each diaper had a tag sewn on the back with the Hugglet's name.

A line of Hugglets toys was also available from Taco Bell. These promotional Hugglets were similar in size to the ones that came with the Hugga Bunch dolls, but were facing sideways and had arms that could clip on to things.

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