Dollhouse Miniatures

Dollhouse miniatures

Our handmade dollhouse miniatures include food, accessories, and everyday items to bring a realistic touch of fun to your dollhouse or diorama!

While dollhouse miniatures can vary in scale, items in our collection are generally one inch scale or 1:12, where 1 inch represents 12 inches (1 foot).

This size works well for Calico Critters, Petite Blythe dolls, Sylvanian Families, and other 4-5 inch (10-12 cm) toys.

We are not strict about scale sizes however, so we have included some items here that are also featured in our playscale miniatures collection.

While some items work fine for either scale, others may be disproportionate for certain dolls or figures. Please be sure to check the measurements included in each item's description.

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