Year 2 (1983-1984) Ponies

Year 2 Ponies refer to My Little Pony versions that were released in the second year of G1 production, which was 1983-1984.

Some of the ponies from Year 1 returned, this time with concave feet. New variations were added, including ponies with turned heads, unicorn ponies, pegasus ponies, Rainbow Ponies, and Sea Ponies.

Year 2 Ponies include Applejack, BlossomBlue Belle, Bow-Tie, Bubbles, ButterscotchCotton Candy, Firefly, Glory, Medley, MintyMoondancer, Moonstone, Parasol, Sealight, Seashell, Seawinkle, Skydancer, Snuzzle, Starshine, Sunbeam, Sunlight, Twilight, Wavedancer, and Windy

The first My Little Pony playset, the Pretty Parlor, was also released during Year 2.

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