Banana Twirl

Banana Twirl with Banana Berrykin critter

Banana Twirl was released in the Berrykin doll line, the last line of Strawberry Shortcake dolls to be produced in the 1980s. She was the only new character in the Berrykin line.

Banana Twirl has pale yellow curly hair pulled into pigtails and wears plaid bows in each pigtail. One bow has a banana on it, the other is plain. Her eyes are green. Her outfit includes a white dress with poufy sleeves and a yellow skirt, tights with stripes in pastel colors, and pale yellow dress shoes.

Like the other Berrykin dolls, Banana Twirl came with a Berrykin critter, Banana Berrykin, instead of a pet.

Because the Berrykin line of dolls were the last produced before the toy line ended, Banana Twirl didn't have any other variations and wasn't included in the Strawberryland Miniatures collection. Other toys and accessories featuring Banana Twirl are rare and hard to find.

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