Tea Bunnies

Tea Bunnies toysThe Tea Bunnies toy line was created by Tomy in 1995. The line featured adorable bunnies with clothes and fancy hats. Each bunny came with a large tea cup and saucer. 

The outside of the tea cup was decorated to look like a shop front. Children could play with the tea cup and saucer, or the bunny could fit inside with the hat over the top like a roof. The hats had holes in the top so the bunny's ears could stick out. Each bunny also came with its own miniature tea cup.

The Tea Bunny Baby line included miniature bunnies that fit into cupcake-shaped beds instead of tea cups. Like the adult tea bunnies, the babies were posable. They came with tiny sleeping bags, sippy cups, and other accessories.

Several Tea Bunnies playsets were available with additional outfits and accessories for the Tea Bunnies.

The Tea Bunnies line was later taken over by Kidsview and then Uneeda in 1999 before production finally ended.

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