Mommy or Mummy Charms

My Little Pony Mommy or Mummy Charms
The My Little Pony Mommy Charms (or Mummy Charms, as they were also called) were introduced in Year 6 and were included free inside specially marked My Little Pony packages. There were 20 ponies available in this line, but other ponies made with the same mold are also referred to as Mommy Charms. A charm bracelet to display the charms was available through a mail order offer

The Mommy Charm mold has a pony with flat feet and its head slightly turned. Each pony has a flower on its tail and also holds a flower in its mouth.

In 1983, Hasbro released a Charmkins character named My Pony Pixie. She had a loop at the top for hanging and could hang from a charm hanger attached to a necklace.

The mold was used again in 1983 to make Powder Puff, a similar charm available with the My Little Pony Fan Club membership kit. Like My Pony Pixie, Powder Puff also came with a charm hanger and necklace.

In 1984, the My Little Pony bookmarks available with McDonald’s Happy Meals also used the same mold, but instead of a loop for hanging, these ponies were attached to a clip.

In Year 8, a mail order pony named Sweet Scoops came with her own miniature Mommy Charm version. This Mommy Charm is the most rare and collectible.

The Mommy Charms line released in Year 6 all had a loop at the top for hanging and could attach to a plastic bracelet available separately through a mail order offer.

A poster featuring pictures and names of each pony reads:

“My Little Pony Mommies are extra special girls. They work hard to be their very best. They teach their Ponies to be their best, too. Pony charms remind Pony Mommies of all the important things that make her especially good. To help you remember what each charm stands for, the Ponies have written a special poem just for you!

A My Little Pony Mommy is...

Loving like Sweetheart, who’s happy all the time,
And wears a big smile like Morning Sunshine.

Thoughtful like Sweet & Special, who’s very kind, too,
And polite like Pretty Please who says “thank you.”

Thinking of others, Yours Too shares all her favorite toys,
and Tell-A-Take has lots of stories for good girls and boys.

Makin’ music is fun, as Sweet Tune would say,
she’ll even help Curtain Call stage her next play.

Paint-A-Picture is artistic and draws pretty scenes,
While Little Helper makes everything squeaky clean.

Happy Dancer likes to dance the night away,
But Tiny Tumbler would rather somersault than sway.

Secret Keeper is a good listener and nice to talk to,
And there’s no better friend than one that’s True Blue.

When it’s time for fun and games, Fair Play is there,
And Funny Face will help ease the worry of a scare.

Are you Ticklish all squirms and wiggles?
Or funny like Laugh-A-Lot telling jokes and riddles.

Fun Lover is as playful as playful can be,
And Hugs & Kisses will make everything seem snuggly.

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