Rainbow Collection

Rainbow Pony CollectionThe Rainbow Collection is a series of Classic Reissue My Little Pony toys made in 2018 to celebrate My Little Pony's 35th Anniversary. The line featured authentic reproductions of the Rainbow Ponies from Year 2 and Year 3 of the original My Little Pony line. The Rainbow Collection ponies were first made by Hasbro and The Bridge Direct and later by Hasbro and Basic Fun.

Each pony came with a hair ribbon, brush or comb, and puffy sticker just like the originals. Their boxes feature the classic My Little Pony logo and artwork and show what other ponies are available.  

Although the original Rainbow Ponies were not scented, the first line of ponies in the Rainbow Collection were fruit scented. These ponies included Parasol (strawberry scented), Moonstone (raspberry scented), Skydancer (apricot scented), Sunlight (apple scented), Starshine (vanilla scented), and Windy (cherry scented).

The second line of ponies in the Rainbow Collection was not scented and the boxes did not include the 35th Anniversary logo. These ponies included Confetti, Flutterbye, Pinwheel, Starflower, Tickle, and Trickles.

The back of the box says: 
My Little Pony is celebrating 35 years of friendship and magical adventures with these authentic replicas from the 1980's. The rainbow ponies are loved and sought after for their sparkling cutie marks and rainbow-colored hair, making them the perfect addition to any collection for fans of all ages.

Unlike the original ponies, the ponies in the Rainbow Collection can turn their heads easily as their heads are not glued on to their bodies. While this makes it fun to pose them, many collectors have noted that their heads can fall off easily and some ponies have a visible gap between the head and the body.

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