"To a young heart, everything is fun." ~ Charles Dickens

Hello! My name is Rose and I'm the owner and creator of Brown Eyed Rose. I started Brown Eyed Rose to share my handmade jewelry, miniatures and doll accessories. I've been selling vintage toys online since 2000, so I soon added those here as well to create a curated collection of funĀ finds for the young at heart.

I have fond memories of the carefree days of my childhood - running through the woods, playing make believe, endless amounts of time in the day and plenty of time to play. My shop is how I bring some of that nostalgic playfulness to my daily life. And sharing it with others makes it all the more fun.

I believe we're never too old to play - we need to imagine, to create, to pretend. To believe in fairies and the magic of dreams. To let our mind wander and follow wherever it takes us, to drift off into our own little world.

I live in the quaint and historic town of Snohomish, Washington, known as the Antique Capital of the Northwest. Living here is a little bit like stepping back in time. Vintage finds are plentiful, and I find inspiration for my handmade items in the flower gardens, mossy green forests, and views of jagged mountain peaks.

Thanks for visiting my little world!

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