Butterscotch My Little Pony
Butterscotch is one of original ponies in the G1 My Little Pony line. She's yellow with gold hair, golden brown eyes, and has orange butterflies for her symbol.

She is an Earth Pony that appeared in Year 1 with flat feet, Year 2 with concave feet, and from 1986-1988 as a Mail Order Collector PonyIn 1984, she was also featured on the My Little Pony bookmarks available from McDonald's as Happy Meal toys.

She was released again in 2008 as a 25th Anniversary Edition pony and in 2018 as a 35th Anniversary Pony.

The name Butterscotch was used again in the G3 line. This version of Butterscotch had a yellow pearlescent body with yellow hair and her symbol was two brown and yellow lollipops tied with red bows. She was first released in a promotion pack as a free pony that came with Sparkleworks or Minty. She was later released with clothing in a set called "Berry Pickin' Fun with Butterscotch," with Easter accessories in a Target-exclusive release, and as one of three playset ponies with the Super Sundaes Ice Cream Parlor playset sold exclusively at CVS Pharmacy stores. 

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