Show Stable

The My Little Pony Show Stable is a playset from Year 2. The playset was shaped like a stable and came with lots of accessories for training and performing horse shows.

The playset pony included with the Show Stable was Lemon Drop, she was a yellow Earth pony with purple hair and purple raindrops for her symbol. The playset also came with a pet dog named Brandy.

The Show Stable accessories included: 

1 weather vane
4 flags
Pink saddle
Pink bridle
Pink reins
White bed
3 prize ribbons
Felt blanket
2 green water troughs
2 green window shelves
3 trophies
2 white jumps with yellow rails
White A-style jump
6 green fences
Yellow heart-shaped brush
Purple comb
Purple hair ribbon

The Show Stable playset was also available as a mail-order offer

Hasbro used the Show Stable design with different coloring for the Home Sweet Home and Megan's Place playsets released in later years.

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