Show Stable

The My Little Pony Show Stable is a playset from Year 2. The playset was shaped like a stable and came with lots of accessories for training and performing horse shows.

The playset pony included with the Show Stable was Lemon Drop, she was a yellow Earth pony with purple hair and purple raindrops for her symbol. The playset also came with a pet dog named Brandy.

The Show Stable accessories included: 

1 weather vane
4 flags
Pink saddle
Pink bridle
Pink reins
White bed
3 prize ribbons
Felt blanket
2 green water troughs
2 green window shelves
3 trophies
2 white jumps with yellow rails
White A-style jump
6 green fences
Yellow heart-shaped brush
Purple comb
Purple hair ribbon

The Show Stable playset was also available as a mail-order offer

Hasbro also used the same Show Stable design with different coloring for the Megan's Place playset released in Year 4. Megan's Place was sold only at Sears and is one of the more rare and collectible playsets.

A second edition of the Show Stable was released in Year 10. The second version is often called "Home Sweet Home" by collectors since the sticker on the front of the stable says "Home Sweet Home" instead of "Show Stable." Home Sweet Home was a brighter, more vibrant version of the Show Stable. It came with many of the same accessories as the original but with different color variations. It did not include a playset pony.

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