Year 7 (1988-1989) Ponies

Year 7 Ponies refer to My Little Pony versions that were released in the seventh year of G1 production, which was 1988-1989.

New variations for Year 7 include Baby Fancy Pants Ponies, Candy Cane Ponies, Dance 'n Prance Ponies, Loving Family Ponies, Megan and Twice as Fancy Sundance, Merry Go Round Ponies, Newborn Ponies, Perfume Puff Ponies, Playtime Baby Brother Ponies, Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals, Princess Brush 'n Grow Ponies, Sparkle Ponies, Sunshine Ponies, Sweetheart Sister Ponies, and Windy Wing Ponies.

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