Megan & Sundance

Megan and Sundance My Little PonyMegan and Sundance first appeared in Year 3 of the My Little Pony line. Sundance was a white Earth pony with pink hair, and Megan was her human friend. Megan and Sundance were always sold as a set and had 3 different versions in the US line, with additional international versions.

In the first version, Megan wore a white dress, white panties, and pink shoes. Megan's hips were jointed so she could ride in Sundance. Sundance came with a velvety pink bridle.

The second release of Megan and Sundance in Year 4 featured a flocked So Soft version of Sundance. Megan wore a dress with tiny purple flowers and darker pink trim. The bridle from this set was darker pink than the previous version.

Also in Year 4, Molly and Baby Sundance were released. Molly was Megan's little sister. Her pony, Baby Sundance, had Beddy Bye Eyes.

In the third release in Year 7, Sundance was a Twice As Fancy pony with lighter pink hair that changed color in the sun like the Sunshine Ponies. Megan had a new look with a larger head and different facial features. She also had a color-changing streak of pink in her blonde hair. Her dress was white with a pattern of Sundance's symbol.

There were lines of Pony Wear outfits made just for Megan and Sundance. The sets came with clothes for Sundance and matching fashions for Megan.

There was also a playset for Megan and Sundance called Megan's Place. It was similar to the Show Stable but had different coloring. Megan's Place was only sold at Sears stores.

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