Peppermint Rose Valentines 1993 Vintage Pink Valentine's Day Cards

Those Characters From Cleveland

$15.00 USD 


This set of 8 vintage Peppermint Rose valentines from 1993 have never been used and feature lovely illustrations of Peppermint Rose with pink hearts. There are 4 different valentines, all featuring Peppermint Rose in her classic outfit.

The cards were originally joined together on one sheet and are perforated so you can tear them apart. They've been separated on the top and bottom, but are still attached on the sides in twos.

Included in the set are two of each design with the following messages:

  • Front: Spend today...
    Back: In your favorite way!
  • Front: Valentine, it's no secret...
    Back: You're sweet!

  • Front: Love
    Back: Hope you get lots of hugs on Valentine's Day!

  • Front: Hi, Valentine...
    Back: I like your style!

Each valentine also has a "From" line where you can write your name. The valentines do not include envelopes.

The back of each valentine is marked "1993 Those Characters from Cleveland, Inc."

Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm)
Width: 2 3/4 in. (7 cm)
Condition: New Old Stock (NOS), vintage

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