Year 3 (1984-1985) Ponies

Year 3 Ponies are My Little Pony toys that were released in the third year of G1 production, which was 1984 to 1985.

New variations for Year 3 included ponies in additional poses, Megan and Sundance, baby ponies, and Baby Sea Ponies. A baby pony named Ember's Dream came with a cassette tape.

Additional versions of pegasus ponies and unicorns were added and second sets of Rainbow Ponies and Sea Ponies were also released. More Pony Wear outfits were available, including a line of Mother and Baby Pony Wear for the new baby ponies.

Year 3 also had lots of new playsets, including the Baby Buggy, the Baby Pony Stroller, and the Lullabye Nursery. New accessories included the Dream Castle Collector's Case and the Baby Pony Collector's Case.

Available through a mail order offer were the Birthflower Ponies. They were white Earth ponies with purple eyes and pink hair, and there was a pony for each month of the year. Each pony's symbol was the birth flower for that month.

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