Baby Buggy

My Little Pony Baby Buggy playsetThe My Little Pony Baby Buggy playset was released in Year 3 and was available in stores as well as through a mail order offer.

The playset included a white plastic buggy or stroller with a pink umbrella, a playset pony named Baby Cuddles, a pink flannel blanket and a matching pillow with lace trim, a hair ribbon, a diaper, a pink bonnet, a purple rattle, a white bottle with a purple band, and a lavender teddy bear brush.

The buggy had a handle on the front so it could be pushed by adult ponies, and Baby Cuddles could ride inside with plenty of room for her blanket, pillow, and toys.

Baby Cuddles was a mint green baby pony with pink hair, blue eyes, and a pink baby rattle for her symbol.

The playset was available with two different versions of Baby Cuddles. One was a regular baby pony, the other was a Beddy-Bye Eyes pony.

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