Birthflower Ponies

Birthflower Ponies My Little Pony toys

The Birthflower Ponies were introduced in Year 3 of the My Little Pony line and were only available through a mail order offer. All of the ponies were white Earth ponies with bright pink hair and light purple eyes. Each pony had a monochromatic flower symbol to represent the birth flower for each month of the year.

The Birthflower Ponies could be purchased by sending in $3.00 and two horseshoe points cut from the packaging of previous My Little Pony purchases.

International versions of the Birthflower Ponies were much more varied than the US releases. Like the US versions, all of the ponies were in the collectors pose. But instead of all of the ponies being white with pink hair, each pony had a different hair and body color. The international birthflower ponies had the same symbol designs as the US releases, but the symbols were different colors and had more than one color on the same symbol.

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