Confetti My Little Pony Rainbow Ponies 2018 Classic Toy


$26.00 USD 


This classic My Little Pony is the replica version of Confetti produced in 2018. She's a reproduction pony for collectors and looks just like the version from the second set of Rainbow Ponies released in the Year 3 My Little Pony line. 

Confetti is a white earth pony with purple eyes, rainbow hair, and has colorful glittery confetti for her symbol.  

She comes with a blue tail ribbon and a comb just like the ones from the original line. She also comes with a puffy sticker.

The box detail includes images of the classic My Little Pony line as well as the classic logo. The side of the box shows the other 35th Anniversary ponies available and the back features classic My Little Pony artwork that used to appear on the back of packages in the original line.

The large clear panel on the front lets you see the whole pony, so it's perfect for displaying in the box. 

Condition: New

UPC: 885561352771

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