Flat Foot Butterscotch My Little Pony Vintage G1


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This vintage My Little Pony is Butterscotch, she's yellow with a golden mane and tail, brown eyes, and orange butterflies for her symbol. Butterscotch is one of the original six My Little Ponies from Year 1.

She's an earth pony and stands with all four feet flat and her head facing straight ahead, in the Flatfoot pose.

Butterscotch's hair is smooth and free of tangles, but her body has lots of flaws. Her symbols are very worn and faded on both sides and there are a few dark marks on her ear, near her eye, and on her cheek and neck, as shown in the 3rd photo. There are also some brown spots near her symbol on her non-display side, as shown in the 4th photo.

The bottoms of her feet have pen marking on them that has faded and seeped into the plastic, as shown in the last photo. On her non-display side this is visible from the side, as shown in the 2nd photo.

The bottom of her feet are marked "1982 Hasbro, Hong Kong."

Condition: Used, vintage

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