Year 8 (1989-1990) Ponies - Items tagged as "Holiday"

Year 8 Ponies are My Little Pony toys that were released in the eighth year of G1 production, which was 1989-1990.

New variations for Year 8 include Baby Sparkle Ponies, Dream Beauties, Drink and Wet Baby Ponies, Glitter Sweetheart Sister Ponies, Merry Treat (The Christmas Pony), Pony Bride, Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies, Rainbow Curl Ponies, Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies, and Tropical Ponies.

mail order pony named Li'l Tot was released in 1989 in conjunction with Toys for Tots, a children's charity run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. For each donation made to Toys for Tots, one pony was given as a thank you and a second pony was given to a child in need. 

Another mail order pony named Goldilocks was also available.

A new playset called the Princess Baby Buggy was also released in Year 8. The playset used the same mold as the original Baby Buggy but was bright pink with a glittery pink umbrella and glittery purple wheels. It came with a playset pony called Baby Princess Sparkle. Some versions of Baby Princess Sparkle had pink details on the symbol and other versions had purple details. Baby Princess Sparkle had tinsel in her hair like the Princess Ponies.

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