Year 4 (1985-1986) Ponies

Year 4 Ponies are My Little Pony toys that were released in the fourth year of G1 production, which was 1985 to 1986.

New variations for Year 4 included So Soft Ponies, Beddy Bye Eyes Baby Ponies, Twinkle Eyed Ponies, Flutter Ponies, Pretty 'N Pearly Baby Sea Ponies, the Party Gift Pack Pony Set, a So Soft version of Megan and Sundance, and Molly and Baby Sundance, a little sister for Megan. A mail order pony named Stockings was also released.

The Pony Wear line continued to grow, with lots more outfits available and several new lines. Baby Pony Wear with Pocket Pals had outfits for baby ponies with little pom pom toys that could fit in the pockets. The Megan and Pony Wear line had fashions for Megan and coordinating pieces for ponies.

There were also new playsets, including the Pony Purse, the Baby Bonnet School of Dance, the Paradise Estate, and Megan's Place.

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