Lady LovelyLocks Pamphlet Vintage Advertising Toy Brochure Booklet


$10.00 USD 


This vintage Lady LovelyLocks advertising brochure or booklet is a fold-out pamphlet that features products available in the toy line by Mattel. These booklets were included in the box with Lady LovelyLocks toys to advertise what other dolls and playsets were available.

The pamphlet folds out with 6 double-sided pages printed in color. The first page tells the story of Lady LovelyLocks and her kingdom. The pages in the booklet show some wear.

The products advertised include:

Maiden FairHair doll and her chipmunk Pixietails
Lady LovelyLocks doll and her bunny Pixietails
Maiden CurlyCrown doll and her bird Pixietails
Pixietail Treehouse playset
Silkypup dog
Silkymane horse
LovelyLocks Fashions (Party Dress, Picnic Outfit, Slumber Set and Riding Outfit)
The Pixietails

This pamphlet is a great piece of ephemera for your Lady LovelyLocks collection and could also be displayed in a frame.

The front of the booklet is marked "1986 Those Characters from Cleveland, Inc."

Cover size: 5 1/2 inches square (14 cm)
Length when unfolded: 33 inches (84 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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