Pony Purse

The My Little Pony Pony Purse is a playset that was first released in Year 4. The child-size purse was made of fabric and had a pillow on top and a pocket on the outside to hold a baby pony. A second variation was released in Year 5. Each purse came with a different playset pony.

The first purse was pink and came with Baby Sleepy Pie. She was white with blue hair and had a teddy bear for her symbol. Baby Sleepy Pie was a Beddy Bye Eyes pony.

The second purse was purple and came with Baby Crumpet. Baby Crumpet was yellow with yellow hair and had a blue or purple teapot and teacup as her symbol. She was a First Tooth Baby Pony and had a little tooth sticking out of her mouth.

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