My Little Pony SundanceSundance was first released in Year 3 of the My Little Pony line in the Megan and Sundance set. Sundance is a white Earth pony with pink hair and blue eyes. Her symbol is a circle of pink hearts and dots.

The second release of Megan and Sundance in Year 4 featured a flocked So Soft version of Sundance. Also in Year 4, a baby version of Sundance was released in the Molly and Baby Sundance set. Baby Sundance is a Beddy Bye Eyes pony.

In the third release in Year 7, Sundance was a Twice As Fancy pony with lighter pink hair that changed color in the sun like the Sunshine Ponies

In the G2 My Little Pony line, there was also a Magic Motions Friends pony named Sundance. The G2 version is a pink Earth pony with blue eyes and has purple hair with a yellow streak in her mane. Her symbol is a yellow sun. Other than sharing the same name as the G1 version, the G2 Sundance has no resemblance to the original.

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