Pretty Parlor 35th Anniversary My Little Pony 2018 Classic Playset with Peachy

Basic Fun

$70.00 USD 


This classic My Little Pony Pretty Parlor playset is the 35th Anniversary version produced in 2018. It's a reproduction for collectors to celebrate 35 years since the release of the original 1983 Pretty Parlor playset. 

The playset includes the Pretty Parlor stable, Peachy, a pink hair ribbon, Twinkles the cat, a saddle, a basket with a strap, a brush, comb, bridle, and two hats, one yellow and one white.

Peachy is peach with pink hair, blue eyes, and has pink hearts for her symbol. She's slightly darker in color than the original Peachy.

Twinkles is made of hard plastic and has a sweet face with black whiskers.

The box detail includes images of the playset contents as well as the classic logo, so it's perfect for display. Every aspect of the playset artwork has been reproduced with careful attention to detail to replicate the original playset that collectors still love.

For comparisons between this version and the original, see our 35th Anniversary My Little Pony Pretty Parlor toy review.

The photos show what the playset pieces look like out of the box, but the product you'll receive is brand new and the box has never been opened.

Condition: New

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