Perm Shoppe

My Little Pony Perm Shoppe 

The My Little Pony Perm Shoppe is a playset released in Year 5.

The Perm Shoppe was shaped like a yellow vanity table that became a hair salon when opened up.

It came with lots of fun accessories for styling pony hair. There were curlers and barrettes, towels, a salon chair, a sink and shower head, a cash register, a rack for hanging ribbons, Fifi's Fashion Foam to hold hairstyles in place, eye shadow, a rolling cart, a floor tray, and shelves for displaying items.

The pony included with the Perm Shoppe playset was Fifi, a Twice As Fancy pony. Fifi is white with blue hair and has a symbol of pink bows that cover her back.

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