My Little Pony Fifi poniesThe My Little Pony line included three ponies named Fifi. The first Fifi was a So Soft pony released in Year 4. She was a flocked blue unicorn with a white tail and her mane was white with a dark pink streak. Her symbol was three pink poodles.

Baby Fifi was released in Year 5 as a First Tooth Baby Pony. Like her adult mother, she was blue with white and dark pink hair, with just two poodles for her symbol. But Baby Fifi was an Earth pony instead of a unicorn.

The third Fifi was not a variation of the first one, but a completely different pony who just happened to share the same name. This Fifi was a playset pony included with the 1986 Perm Shoppe. She was white with blue hair and had pink bows for her symbol. As a Twice As Fancy pony, her symbols covered the upper half of her body.

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