Twice As Fancy Ponies

Twice As Fancy Ponies My Little Pony toysThe Twice As Fancy ponies first appeared in the My Little Pony line in Year 5, with a second set released in Year 6. These ponies had symbols covering the sides of their bodies instead of just a single symbol on their rump. They also had a symbol on their forehead or cheek.

The playset pony named Fifi, who came with the Perm Shoppe, was produced as a Twice As Fancy pony. There was also a Twice as Fancy version of Megan and Sundance released in Year 7.

Twice As Fancy ponies are often abbreviated by collectors as "TAF." The second set of Twice As Fancy ponies from Year 6 tend to be harder to find and are therefore more collectible than the first set.

Even more collectible than the second set of ponies are the Twice As Fancy baby ponies, which were only available by mail order. They were babies of mothers from the first Twice As Fancy release, but some differed slightly from their mothers. For example, Baby Milky Way was a pegasus while the adult Milky Way was a unicorn.

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