Skydancer 35th Anniversary My Little Pony 2018 Classic Toy

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This classic My Little Pony is the 35th Anniversary Skydancer produced in 2018 as part of the Rainbow Collection. She's a reproduction pony for collectors to celebrate 35 years since the release of the original Rainbow Ponies in Year 2 of the My Little Pony line. 

Skydancer is a yellow pegasus with pink eyes, rainbow hair, and has glittery green birds for her symbol. This 35th Annersary version is a brighter, more vibrant yellow than the original and is scented, so she has a faint apricot scent. She wears a green ribbon bow on her tail.

Skydancer has been played with and has a pink scuff on one leg, as shown in the photos. She also has some pink marks on her neck (although this is mostly covered by her mane) and some marks in various places on her body. The symbols on her non-display side are either a little worn or weren't printed as brightly as the ones on her display side. 

Some of the Classic Reissue Ponies have issues with loose neck joints because the manufacturer didn't use glue to secure the pony's head to the body. However, Skydancer's neck joint is in good condition and the lack of glue allows her head to turn.

The bottom of her foot is marked "2017 Hasbro, The Bridge Direct."

We also have a Mint in Box 35th Anniversary Skydancer available.

Condition: Used

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