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Mail order and special offer Birthflower PoniesHorseshoe points for mail order special offer My Little Pony toys

Some My Little Pony releases were never sold in stores and were available only through mail order or special offers. The back of each My Little Pony box or package had Horseshoe Points that could be saved up and redeemed for mail order ponies, usually requiring money to be sent in with the points. 

Ember was the first mail order pony available and was also the first baby pony. Three mail order versions were produced and a fourth version was available in stores. The line of Birthflower Ponies soon followed. The Birthflower Ponies were available for several years, but only through mail order. The Collector Ponies were also available for several years. These ponies were variations of the original six My Little Pony toys with slightly darker body colors and concave hooves.

The Sparkle Ponies were originally sold in stores, but were re-released in a mail order offer. Some of the mail order versions have a different hair color and all of them have a symbol on one cheek in addition to their regular symbol.

My Little Pony playsets were also available via mail order. These playsets were nearly identical to the ones sold in stores, but did not always include the original playset pony. A mail order line of playset ponies was available, but some of the mail order variations are different from the store-bought releases. 

Some Mommy or Mummy Charms were available in specially-marked My Little Pony purchases and a charm bracelet to display the charms was available through mail order. There was also a Fan Club Mommy Charm called Powder Puff. For the Mommy charms and Powder Puff, Hasbro used the mold from My Pony Pixie, a charm in their Charmkins toy line.

Ponies were also available through other special offers from Chuck E. Cheese, Current, Kellogg's cereal, and even as McDonald's Happy Meal toys.

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