First Tooth Baby Ponies

The First Tooth Baby Ponies were released in Year 5 of the My Little Pony line and featured baby ponies with a single tooth peeking out of their smile.

Like other baby ponies, they came with a variety of accessories such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, a teething ring, a first tooth pillow with a felt tooth, a sippy cup, a stacking ring toy, star panties, a xylophone with a mallet, or even a Gloworm!

These ponies were babies of mothers from the So Soft Pony and Twinkle Eyed Pony lines from Year 4. However, the baby ponies did not have flocking or Twinkle Eyes, and Baby Fifi was released as an earth pony even though her mother Fifi was a unicorn.

One of the playsets, the Pony Purse, came with a First Tooth Baby Pony named Baby Crumpet.

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