Baby Quackers First Tooth My Little Pony Vintage G1


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This vintage My Little Pony is Baby Quackers, she's one of the First Tooth Baby Ponies from Year 5. She has a tiny tooth peeking out of her smile.

Baby Quackers is white with rainbow-colored hair, blue eyes, and has a yellow duck with an orange umbrella as her symbol. She comes with a few of her original accessories, including a pink toothbrush, an aqua blue tube of toothpaste, and her purple duck comb.

Baby Quackers shows some wear, her tail is a little frizzy on the end and the top two hair plugs on her mane have been trimmed down to her head, as shown in the photos. The rest of her mane looks like it may also have been trimmed shorter.

Some of the white paint on her tooth has been rubbed off and there's also a little scratch in the blush on her non-display side cheek. The tube of toothpaste also shows some wear and has some dirt on the back, as shown in the 2nd photo.

The bottom of her foot is marked "87 Hasbro Inc."

Condition: Used, vintage

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