Baby Buggy Playset My Little Pony G1 Toy with Baby Cuddles & Accessories


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This vintage playset is the My Little Pony Baby Buggy. It includes a plastic buggy or stroller, a Beddy Bye Eyes version of Baby Cuddles, and some accessories. 

Baby Cuddles is a mint green baby pony with pink hair and a pink baby rattle for her symbol. She has blue Beddy-Bye Eyes that close when you lay her down, although her display-side eye is stuck open. 

The set includes the buggy with umbrella, a pink flannel blanket and matching pillow with lace trim, and a white bottle with a purple band. The umbrella includes the pink heart-shaped attachment at the top.

The white plastic of the Baby Buggy has yellowed with age and the lace trim on the buggy and umbrella are both handmade replacements.They snap in place rather than being on elastic since the elastic from this set tends to stretch out with age.

Baby Cuddles has a mark on her back, as shown in the 6th photo. The color on her symbols is a little faded. There's also a melted or scratched spot on one of the front wheels of the buggy, as shown in the last photo. The adjustable mechanism on the handle still works.

The bottom of her foot is marked "86 Hasbro Bradley."

Condition: Used, vintage

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