Baby Cuddles

My Little Pony Baby CuddlesThe My Little Pony line included three ponies named Baby Cuddles. The first Baby Cuddles release was as a regular baby pony that was included with the Baby Buggy playset. This Baby Cuddles was a mint green Earth pony with blue eyes and pink hair.

A second issue variation of Baby Cuddles was also released, this time with Beddy Bye Eyes. This variation of Baby Cuddles had the same coloring and symbol as the regular version.

A third Baby Cuddles was released in Year 8 as one of the Drink and Wet Baby Ponies. Although this pony had the same name, she was a completely different pony and was not a variation of the previous releases. She was white with yellow hair and had a pink watering can and flower for her symbol. 

An adult pony named Cuddles was released in Year 6 as one of the Magic Message ponies. She was a blue Earth pony with yellow hair and a teddy bear as her symbol. Despite having the same name, she is not a mother of any of the baby ponies.

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