Baby Sleepy Pie G1 My Little Pony from Pony Purse Playset - BAIT PONY


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This vintage My Little Pony is Baby Sleepy Pie, she's a playset pony that originally came with the Pony Purse from Year 4

She's a white baby pony with an aqua blue mane and tail, and her symbol is a lavender teddy bear wearing a stocking cap. She has blue Beddy-Bye Eyes that close when you lay her down. 

Baby Sleepy Pie originally came with a purse that girls could use, there was a pillow on the top and a pocket on the front where Baby Sleepy Pie could sleep. Unfortunately she doesn't come with the purse.

Baby Sleepy Pie is a bait pony in poor condition. As is common with the Beddy Bye Eyes ponies, her eyes show a little rust and her tail has lots of rust. The rust has spread to the top of the tail and the plastic surrounding it, there's also a crack in the plastic underneath her tail.

She has lots of surface dirt all over her body and has a pink highlighter mark on her non-display side (as shown in the 4th photo) and another one on her neck. It also seems like the pink color used in her symbol has faded and bled into the plastic around it.

Her mane and tail are a little frizzy on the ends and her mane looks like it may have been trimmed shorter.

Included is a baby pony diaper that may help hide some of the flaws on her bottom, as shown in the last photo. 

The bottom of her foot is marked "86 Hasbro Bradley."

Condition: Used, vintage

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