Beddy Bye Eyes Baby Ponies - Items tagged as "Pegasus"

Beddy Bye Eyes Baby My Little Pony toysThe baby ponies with Beddy Bye Eyes were released in Year 4 of the My Little Pony line and featured ponies with eyes that closed when the pony was laid down and opened again when the pony was placed upright.

The eyes had a realistic appearance and eyelashes. The Beddy Bye Eye Ponies released in Year 4 all had adult mothers.

The Beddy Bye Eyes ponies came with lots of accessories, including baby necklaces, bibs, blankets, bottles, combs, diapers, dishes and spoons, duck pull toys, high chairs, and playpens. Each pony came with a variety of different accessories.

Ponies with Beddy Bye Eyes also appeared in playsets, including the Baby Bonnet School of Dance, the Baby Buggy, the Lullabye Nursery, the Pony Purse, and the Party Gift Pack pony set. Baby Sundance from the Molly and Baby Sundance set also had Beddy Bye Eyes.

Some common problems with these vintage ponies include missing eyelashes and eye rust, since the eyelid mechanisms were made of metal.

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