Sugarberry Twice As Fancy G1 My Little Pony


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Sugarberry, she's a white earth pony with bright red hair and blue eyes. Her symbol is bright red strawberries connected together with green vines. 

Since she's one of the Twice As Fancy Ponies from Year 5 of the My Little Pony line, her symbols cover both sides of her body and there's also a strawberry in the center of her forehead. She comes with her original green ribbon.

Sugarberry can't stand on her own, one of her back legs is warped and bends in towards the other, as shown in the photos. This is a common problem for ponies in this pose, but can be fixed.

Her symbols are in good condition except for a few factory defects in how they were painted. On her display side, one strawberry towards the bottom is blurry and on her non-display side, a few have bits of additional red paint outside the main symbol. 

Sugarberry's body has some light surface dirt and there's a spot on her display-side cheek and some marks on her front leg, as shown in the photos. The bottoms of her feet also show some dirt and there's some light pink staining on her front right foot. She's otherwise in beautiful display condition.

The bottom of her foot is marked "87 Hasbro." 

Condition: Used, vintage

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