Pretty Parlor My Little Pony 1983 Playset with Peachy & Accessories

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This My Little Pony playset is the Pretty Parlor from 1983. It comes with playset pony Peachy and many of its original accessories.

The items included in the playset are a blue stable, Twinkles the cat, a purple saddle, a pink saddle blanket, a pink basket with a purple strap, a pink heart-shaped brush, a pink comb, a purple bridle with detachable reins, and two hats - a yellow straw hat and a white hat with pink flowers.

Peachy is a peach Earth pony with pink hair, blue eyes, and has pink hearts for her symbol. She's very clean and is in excellent condition except for a faint spot by her symbol on her non-display side and a tiny pink dot near one nostril. It also looks like her mane may have been trimmed just slightly.

Twinkles is made of rubbery plastic. Some of her stripes and areas with darker paint have faded or rubbed off, and she also has some brown spots in various places.

The stickers on the stable are still intact and the stable is in good condition except for some broken tabs on the hinges. Because of the broken tabs, the hinges pop out easily and will need to be snapped back into place after opening or closing the doors. 

The accessories are in good condition except for some bent teeth in the comb and some chew marks on the brush.

Overall, this nearly-complete playset is in great condition for its age and would make a great addition to your collection!

Condition: Used, vintage

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