Peppermint Posy Sweet Spray Atomizer Peppermint Rose Bunny Toy


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This vintage Peppermint Rose toy is Peppermint Posy, she's a bunny rabbit made of soft pink plastic and has large, floppy fabric ears. She's one of the Peppermint Rose Sweet Spray bunnies and has an atomizer on top of her head.

Peppermint Posy originally came with perfume you could put inside, then you could squeeze her tummy to spray it. Her perfume is not included.

The Sweet Spray toys were bunny rabbits that had designs and motifs that matched each Peppermint Rose character. This one in particular matches Peppermint Rose herself.

Peppermint Posy's ears are soft pink flannel on the back and silky fabric on the front, with peppermint roses. There are also peppermint roses on her tummy and on the atomizer attachment on her head.

The atomizer attachment screws off so you can add perfume inside. She doesn't come with perfume and is no longer scented.

Peppermint Posy has a little bit of paint rubbed off her nose, belly, and atomizer, there's also a few black scuffs on her back, as shown in the 2nd photo.

The bottom is marked "1992 TCFC."

Height: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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